“Responsibility means the ability to respond – to the needs of oneself, one’s family and one’s community. This is the foundation of sustainable healthcare.”

These are early days for our Transition Town Health and Wellbeing so, we are starting with this webpage and ongoing informational events, in order to create a forum to encourage co-operation between healthcare professionals in the area of Sturminster Newton. Below are some of our aims and objectives which we hope will be added to by more practitioners who see this as something very worthwhile to participate in.

Some ideas for Transition Town Health and Well-being are:

Local practitioners working together to care for their local community
Working as a team

An integrated healthcare service benefits patients, practitioners and doctors
Mutual support without frontiers

Food as medicine; working with local growers for community health
Including growers as providers of nutrition

Local herbs for local people
Bringing back the knowledge and art of home grown and home made remedies to prevent and to heal.

The concept of preventative medicine
Bringing holistic health education into the schools
Edible school gardens based on the principles of Permaculture
Developing a culture of wellness

Self help workshops
Learning how to take responsibility for our health
Self help for those living with chronic or painful conditions

Gardening for health
Connecting with nature heals and transforms our emotional health

* Affordable healthcare
Back to the future – a new model based on an ancient one
Alternatives to the NHS and health insurance

If you are a therapist with ideas and interested in developing Transition Town Health and Well-being, Sturminster Newton, please contact Lori Hillman on 0752 363 5988 or 01258 817 668 or email lorihillman@hotmail.com

Or contact Luzia Barclay on 01258 456223 or email info@luzia.co.uk


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