Where do Queens, Princes and  Presidents get their food ?
From home-grown, organic gardens outside the back of their Palaces !!
Why, because you simply can’t get better taste !!

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3 responses to “Food

  1. Meadowsweet crème brûlée

    500ml Double Cream
    185g Caster sugar
    2 Whole eggs
    4 Egg yolks
    2-3 Heads of Meadow sweet (not huge heads)

    Bring the cream up to just under boiling point, In mean time mix eggs and sugar together, add the cream to the eggs and sugar, and add the meadowsweet, infuse it as long as you want for the strength, I infused for around 45mins. Pass the mixture through a fine sieve into brulee dishes and cook in a bain marie at 125 degrees for around 30mins depending on size of dishes, if in doubt if its cooked stick a thin knife in the centre if it doesn’t come out wet then its good to go. Remember it will continue to cook slightly while cooling.

    Sent to me by Andrew Blakey, chef at Eshott Hall, Northumberland, used to work in France and Savoy London.

  2. I have a blog about my ventures in growing perennial vegetables in polycultures. This is a sustainable way of raising food in the garden.

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