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Growing Vegetables with Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding is guest speaker for Grow it Yourself Dorset

Renowned local organic vegetable gardener, teacher and author, Charles Dowding will be the guest speaker at Grow it Yourself Dorset on 7 May. He is an inspiring speaker and immensely knowledgeable vegetable grower, and entry is only £3, so it’s an evening not to be missed if you grow your own food or would like to start. It is also an opportunity to pick up a signed copy of his latest books.

The evening will be at the Woodhouse Gardens Pavilion in Blandford (inside the walled garden by the Post Office), from 7.30-9. For more information see


GIY comes to Dorset!

Grow it Yourself International is a global movement of food growers that started in Ireland and aims to create a healthier, happier, world by encouraging everyone to grow some of their own food. There are now over 50,000 GIYers worldwide and over 800 food growing projects involved in the movement. The latest GIY group has started up in Dorset.

GIY Dorset will meet on the first Wednesday of each month starting from 5 February 2014. The meetings are free and are at the Woodhouse Gardens Pavilion at Blandford Forum. Group organizer, Wendy Pillar, says ‘GIY Dorset is a social group where everyone interested in growing food can get together, learn from each other, and swap seeds, tips, recipes and plants. We will be putting on regular expert guest speakers and visits to kitchen gardens. The idea is not ‘gardening nightschool’, but to have fun!’

For more information see

or contact Wendy at or 01258 817883.

A-bun-dance and sub-tropical greenhouse in Chao Sobral Portugal 2013


Would you like to learn how to create your food forest ?

Yes, we humans are able to learn how to design for a high level abundance and diversity of food never seen in wild settings.

The long road to

Experience is my best teacher – Working from patterns to details.

In Chão Sobral, October is a month full of fruits as you can observe here:

Below, is about a small piece of land, on a rocky ridge crest, that we can flood irrigate, and includes the following plants

Extreme stacking

already planted – some old, some young trees:

  • olives
  • tangerines 2 kinds
  • lemon
  • apple 3 kinds
  • mulberry 2 kinds
  • peach (already canopy – shade)
  • holly tree
  • walnut
  • hazel nut
  • kiwi vines
  • grape vines
  • goji berry
  • black currants
  • rasberry
  • blue berry – mirtiles
  • thornless black berry
  • kaki
  • fig
  • orange trees 2 – in pots
  • feijoa – in pot
  • elder berry
  • lime – linden
  • magnolia
  • camelia japonica
  • albizia lophanta
  • cassia corymbosa
  • many flowers!

it’s going to be a dance – growing together!

Inside this plot, in the policarbonate panel – polytunnel green house, another dance-party:

already planted

  • grafted and non grafted avocado
  • grafted cherimoya anona
  • lemon
  • strawberry guava
  • kumquat – a dwarf citrus
  • pepino dulce
  • lemon grass
  • verbena
  • aloe
  • passion fruit
  • physalis
  • Yacóns: Smallanthus sonchifolius, Syn.: Polymnia edulis, P.sonchifolia (
  • jerusalem artichoke
  • tamarillo – brazil tomatoe – tree tomato

So beside these perenial plants we can also add the normal annual crops – we just need to find the edge!

– current / May 2013, yields from this green house: cabbage, potatoe, new zealand spinach, kumquat, lemons.

– it also functions as a plant nursery

Up dates from the evolution of these living systems will be at:

Looking forward to hear from you and your abun-dance experience!


João Gonçalves

“Permacultura (Cultura Permanente) é um sistema ético de design ecológico.”

(+351) 96 96 80 009

Chão Sobral – Oliveira do Hospital – Serra do Açor


Permacultura na Serra do Açor – Portugal

“Comida que nunca acaba” / Permacultura no Malawi

Centro de Ecologia Integral


Response from Wendy of Dorset:

Oh for the climate to grow that list of fruit! Although, apart from the citrus and avocado, I do grow most of them, with over 40 species of fruit in the orchard, greenhouse and polytunnel – despite the weather! I’m working on the citrus, but avocados are a bigger challenge in Dorset.