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World Environment Days 2012


Apple Day, Burton’s Community Orchard, Sunday 16th October

Apple Juicing at Gold Hill on Sunday 9th October

At 11.00 am there were kilos of apples lying on the ground of our Mozaic Orchard. By one a small group of people had harvested about half the total crop.

This afternoon I took the apples to Gold Hill Farm Organics and we now have 60/70 litters of fresh juice that will be available at Harvest Festival and other occasions.

This coming Saturday Janet is leading a team to harvest the remainder of the apples that you can all get involved with. Either in the Orchard on Saturday morning or at Gold Hill Organics on Sunday where they will be turned into wonderful golden juice.

Try and get along to one of the events and be a part of bringing in this valuable harvest.

Equally you can also take your own apples along to Gold Hill Farm and have them juiced to give you great juice throughout the Winter.

There will be lots going on, you may wish to have your tree variety identified, enter the apple cake competition or go for farm walks, drink cider etc

For further information go to details on this page

Fruit of Paradise Tour

Hello there, I’ve got a small tour of Fruit of Paradise to
celebrate Apple Day.  Do come along if you’re nearby.  All the best, Karen


Friday 30th September Bishops Lydiard Village Hall (TA4 3LH) 01823
430421 (Take Art)
Thursday 13th October Thurloxton Village Hall (TA2 8RJ) 01823 413748
(Take Art)
Friday 14th October Sandford Orcas Village Hall (DT9 4RX) 01963 220208
Saturday 15th October Cecil Sharp House London (NW1 7AY) 020 7485 2206
(Apple Day Celebrations)
Thursday 20th October Appley Pavillion (TA21 OHH) 01823 672 675 (Take Art)
Friday 21st October Powerstock Hut (DT6 3TB)  01308 485205 (ArtsReach)
Saturday 22nd October Ibberton Hut (DT 11 OEL) 01258 817555 (ArtsReach)



england in particular

Apple Celebrations – TTSN in action

This Year looks likely to provide a bumper crop of Apples, Pears and Fruits in our gardens and Orchards.

Local food sustainability can be greatly enhanced by everyone one of us harvesting whatever crop we have ourselves and picking whatever is freely available in our fields and hedgerows.

Look at it this way. Whatever any of us make or use reduces the amount of similar food that we might buy. Generally this is imported and so whatever our own contribution it all helps local sustainability.

It helps reduce household budgets and is a fresh natural addition to our diets.

So we in Transition have been talking to our local Orchard groups and hope that over time we can begin to integrate and help with popularising this important time of year. We now have a series of local events that we urge you all to at least try and visit one of them. I can assure you that you will enjoy the ambience of Orchards, the Company and be fascinated by the Apple Pressing Process. Oh and by the way drinking the fresh juice is something very special followed by maybe a glass or two of last years Cider.

The events are :

2nd October – Broad Oak Orchard

9th October – Gold Hill Organic Farm
16th October – Shillingstone Orchard
23rd October – Quiet Corner Farm in Henstridge

We shall be publishing more details on

This year TTSN is helping the Gold Hill Organic Farm event get started and we hope that over-time we can help to extend the scope and success of our whole area’s apple celebrations.

I have attached a poster for the GHOF event and hope that some of you will print off and maybe ask your local shop or pub to display.

On our website will be lots of information about the process and what happens. Bottles will be provided both at Quiet Corner and GHOF where the juice will also be pasteurised giving up to a year’s shelf life.Broad Oak are only able to press their own apples and I think that the same is the case at Shillingstone.

So pass the news to anyone you know who has a fruit tree, collect the apples, store in cool area and then just take them along to either GHOF or Quiet Corner Farm.

All the Orchards or Farms are wonderful picnic area’s or in the case of GHOF you can have lunch or tea in the Cake Tin.

Best Wishes to you all and however you do it enjoy the Harvest !!