One Year in Transition – Opportunities

One Year in Transition – Opportunities

Fed up with the high cost of university, bored at the thought of an office job and not convinced the economy is really going to get that much better anyway? Here’s an alternative… One Year in Transition is a year-long, part time, low-cost programme for 20-35 year olds that challenges the assumptions of the status quo, and supports young people in creating livelihoods based on things they’re passionate about. They are still open for applications for the September start. Please share. . . .

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2 responses to “One Year in Transition – Opportunities

  1. Why is this web site advertising American stuff ? Why is this web site hosting arguabley totally unrelated advertising ? Aaah I see now ! Word Press has got in on the act and degraded my experience and your content.

  2. Sadly funds are limited – as Sturminster Newton Transition Town is currently mostly inactive. So either no site or adverts.

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