Following a visit to NGPS’s first exhibition in the Purbecks a chance conversation has resulted in us having a brand new solar display unit installed.

I was happily content to have solar installed 8 years ago and even when the Government only offerred me 3p FITT pleased to be producing solar energy and gaining some small returns frrom SSE.

It came as quite a surprise when I was advised to take down the old and have a new array put in.

Our new system is far more efficient, we have a new tiled roof and lots of the latest technology added as a standard feature.

For example checkout ( )

The speed, efficiency and the way the project was completed fills me with admiration for the NGPS team and from a relatively small investment I can expect a payback within 5/6 years at the current Fitts level and even more importantly help in using the energy we create for my own purposes.


This new innovation will reduce our energy bills overtime and already we can tell the difference in the amount of hot water we now have.

Why not also take a look in at their next Exhibition Roadshow at Ringwood on the 30th May 10am until 8pm

Full details about other venues at

Vince Adams


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