A-bun-dance and sub-tropical greenhouse in Chao Sobral Portugal 2013


Would you like to learn how to create your food forest ?

Yes, we humans are able to learn how to design for a high level abundance and diversity of food never seen in wild settings.

The long road to http://www.perennialsolutions.org/

Experience is my best teacher – Working from patterns to details.

In Chão Sobral, October is a month full of fruits as you can observe here:


Below, is about a small piece of land, on a rocky ridge crest, that we can flood irrigate, and includes the following plants



Extreme stacking

already planted – some old, some young trees:

  • olives
  • tangerines 2 kinds
  • lemon
  • apple 3 kinds
  • mulberry 2 kinds
  • peach (already canopy – shade)
  • holly tree
  • walnut
  • hazel nut
  • kiwi vines
  • grape vines
  • goji berry
  • black currants
  • rasberry
  • blue berry – mirtiles
  • thornless black berry
  • kaki
  • fig
  • orange trees 2 – in pots
  • feijoa – in pot
  • elder berry
  • lime – linden
  • magnolia
  • camelia japonica
  • albizia lophanta
  • cassia corymbosa
  • many flowers!

it’s going to be a dance – growing together!

Inside this plot, in the policarbonate panel – polytunnel green house, another dance-party:

already planted

  • grafted and non grafted avocado
  • grafted cherimoya anona
  • lemon
  • strawberry guava
  • kumquat – a dwarf citrus
  • pepino dulce
  • lemon grass
  • verbena
  • aloe
  • passion fruit
  • physalis
  • Yacóns: Smallanthus sonchifolius, Syn.: Polymnia edulis, P.sonchifolia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yac%C3%B3n)
  • jerusalem artichoke
  • tamarillo – brazil tomatoe – tree tomato

So beside these perenial plants we can also add the normal annual crops – we just need to find the edge!

– current / May 2013, yields from this green house: cabbage, potatoe, new zealand spinach, kumquat, lemons.

– it also functions as a plant nursery

Up dates from the evolution of these living systems will be at:


Looking forward to hear from you and your abun-dance experience!


João Gonçalves

“Permacultura (Cultura Permanente) é um sistema ético de design ecológico.”

(+351) 96 96 80 009

Chão Sobral – Oliveira do Hospital – Serra do Açor








Permacultura na Serra do Açor – Portugal


“Comida que nunca acaba” / Permacultura no Malawi


Centro de Ecologia Integral



Response from Wendy of Dorset:

Oh for the climate to grow that list of fruit! Although, apart from the citrus and avocado, I do grow most of them, with over 40 species of fruit in the orchard, greenhouse and polytunnel – despite the weather! I’m working on the citrus, but avocados are a bigger challenge in Dorset.

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