Travel Study Workshop – Next Meeting & Registration

Dear All

This is a quick update on progress on local travel issues, following on from the Travel Study workshop in June last year and also to give you details of the next Travel Study workshop being held on Tuesday 12th March 2013.

Travel Study & Update

Travel and transport is clearly an important issue for the North Dorset area. A group comprising the Shaftesbury District Task Force, District and County Council started a Travel Study, to take an overall view of travel and transport in this area. Following surveys, desk research, etc., a workshop held in June last year looked at travel in detail, and identified priority areas to work on.

Since then there has been much work on the priority issues identified. Travel and transport in rural areas is always difficult, but there is progress, with the main areas of progress as follows:

  • Bus network. Dorset County Council has surveyed all its subsidised bus routes in the area, and is reconfiguring the network to reflect actual demand based on a core network. We don’t know the detail of this yet, but will hear more at the March workshop (see below)
  • Medical transport. The local NHS is now developing a call centre for information on NHS medical transport, and there are proposals to develop a similar point of contact for community based medical transport, both to work together.
  • Community Car Schemes. The County Car Scheme is now able to help with hospital transport (previously unable to do so) which helps with the above. Also on-going improvements by Car Schemes working together with POPPs (Partnerships for Older People Programme).
  • Communication. The County Council and some bus companies will be rolling out real time information systems. There is also an innovative project to provide Town and Parish based timetables, which give the bus times for that place, but also details of local community minibus schemes, community car schemes, lift share, etc.
  • Reducing the need for unnecessary travel. As well as general background work on this, pilot work on the introduction of Universal Credits has raised some specific issues, which are being worked on.

If you have any queries relating to any of the above prior to the next Travel Study Workshop please do not hesitate to contact Joyce Guest, Email: or Telephone: 01258 484048 or Hugh de Iongh, Email: or Telephone: 01258 484025.

Next Workshop, Tuesday 12th March 2013

The Travel Study Board is holding a Workshop on Tuesday 12th March, 9:30am – 3:30pm, at Durweston Village Hall, Blandford Forum. The morning will be an update on progress made, and an opportunity to give feedback on this progress. In the afternoon, there will be specific workshops on the Bus network, Medical transport, and the Town/Parish Timetable project.

If you or someone from your organisation would like to come, please complete the attached form (one form per person), giving your name and organisation and also which two of the three afternoon workshop subjects you would be interested in and then return to Louise Richardson either by Email to: or by post at: North Dorset District Council, Nordon, Salisbury Road, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 7LL. Please kindly be aware that places are limited.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Joyce Guest
General Manager
North Dorset District Council

Direct line: 01258 484048
Direct fax: 01258 484007


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