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Take time out this weekend to see whats going on with our seed stocks worldwide.

Sturminster Community Garden Project at the High School News

Thanks for coming along to the garden on Monday and helping with the weeding and planning.

We planted ( I think it was) 8 Raspberry plants and allocated out some of the beds. There is a lot of scope for more to be done with the main bed and the remaining raised beds.

We estimated that an initial load of about 4 cubic metres of top soil would be required and some sand to help break up the clay in the main bed.

Richard is kindly looking at the options for ordering the soil. David Urmpston is interested in building a compost heap and will also look into obtaining manure. Keen we source any materials through Eve, so once everyone has identified any sources of material, please let Eve know so that they can be ordered from the office – even if free to us.

Once Richard has identified the source for the soil, we can arrange another session at the site to take delivery and to move it into the beds.

Richard was keen to see some herbs grown there. This is a great idea, so if anyone has any thoughts on sourcing herbs and how best to establish them, please respond.

I have sketched out the current arrangement of beds and the initial allocation and the location of the Rasberries. Hope this is OK.

Kind regards. Chris

This project is supported by TTSN and I asked Chris if we could do anything more to help.

His reply !!

Thanks Vince. Much appreciated. If you spot any older men who would benefit from the social opportunity,please let me know and will be pleased to contact them.

Kind regards, Chris

Can we help find likely members for Chris and the project team ??


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