Support for involving Youth Groups in Green activities

Dear colleague,

da21 has recieved a small amount of funding to work alongside Dorset Youth Association and Dorset Volunteer Bureau to assist environmental groups and organisations to engage with young people.

We are aware that many of you are already involving young people in your work and projects, this support is to build on this, and help to remove some of the barriers around involving young people for those who wish to.

More details are in the letter attached to this email, but a summary of the support we can provide includes

  • Support in attracting youth volunteers to your project / group
  • Two training events, the first planned in October on managing volunteers with a particular emphasis on the skills needed to work with young people
  • A conference in March 2013 bringing together young people and environmental groups working or aspiring to work with them.
  • Advice on CRB checks (which are not always necessary) and free CRB checks where needed
  • Free First Aid Training

Please do get in touch if you feel that you would benefit from support from the project, which runs until March 2013.

Please forward the information to groups and individuals who you feel may benefit.

Apologies for any cross postings.

kind regards
Paul McIntosh & Susan Anders

Project website

Paul McIntosh

e :

p : 01305 213721

m : 07825 319 255

w :

t :

sk: paul.mcintosh21

Working in partnership with Dorset Community Action


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