RHI and what it could mean to you !!

I had the pleasure of attending a meeting in Hazelbury Bryan where the owners of houses on one of their small cul-de-sacs Woodlands listened to the case for creating an RHI project.

Knowing very little about the subject I was amazed to learn how simple, effective and sustainable a community RHI scheme would be in their case for a group of 12 houses.

The idea is that you replace 12 individual oil burning boilers with a small boiler house that creates all the the energy required to pipe underground to each house in the scheme. The energy is fuelled by sustainable wood pellets and travels in the form of hot water to each house and then works exactly like the existing central heating set up. The centrally created hot water replaces the oil burning inefficiencies of the individual household boiler.

The boiler house is totally automated and designed to high standards in Germany, alas no British manufacturer has entered the market so far.

The evening was set up for the residents of Woodlands by True Heat, specialists in this type of project.They put up the plans and ideas free of charge or commitment to the residents on request. If in this case enough of the Woodlands householders agree to move forward True Heat will create, manage and ensure the success of the project.

They can find funding or the residents can create their own Community funding the choice is open.

Now for the really good news. The cost of the energy is around 30% less than oil, its cleaner, being more sustainable it will be exempt from Oil Inflation and it has government subsides that appear at this time to be safe from political changes.

I talked to one or two house owners and they were very interested in the scheme. Everyone was keen to save money but I was surprised to hear a number of people say that they felt the scheme offered them above all totally reliability and assurance of energy being available at all times. They did not feel the same way about Oil.

So if you would like to know more, engage with True Heat for more information even a free project appraisal and meeting please talk to me. I can see a number of area’s in the Village where RHI would be a great solution.

We now have a section of TTSN in conjunction with Sturquest who have formed a small group called Stur Valley Energy. We have 3 people already who would be happy to respond to any of your questions.

We also have the new campaign for renewable energy going live next month at http://www.dorsetenergized.co.uk full of interest, advice and idea’s so get on the computer and become a subscriber.

Info at stur.transitiontown1@gmail.com or just call into 3,White Horse Lane, Hinton St Mary


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