Earth Day Coming & “The Big Fix”

Transition California

Transitioning California to Sustainable Models, Systems, & Structures

Greetings Transition California Community

Earth Day is coming and after watching ‘Fuel‘ we followed a lead that Bob Banner gave us about another movie by the same producers that is called ‘The Big Fix’. It is about the aftermath of the Gulf Oil spill that everyone with a brain cell knows is not being reported in mainstream media. The movie will be officially released in June but the producers are fundraising and offering a special chance to host screenings to groups and organizations for Earth Day – Click here for more info and to watch the trailer.


Check in with us and share your ideas for a statewide Transition California Community initiative. There are almost 1500 people in this community who live all over the state and if you read the profiles of each individual you will see that this community is made up of people who understand the “Power of One’ in their own lives. What would happen if all those people joined in common cause and took initiative? Maybe it is time to find out what the California Titans of Transition are capable of…Click here to read more


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