A Week in a Portuguese Village (translated by google translate)


A week in the village: this is the proposal that you drive here. Wake up at bedtime, five days filled with activities that will also prove that life flourishes in the field of opportunities, is also a way to transmit a set of practices. In between, meals are shared across a spirit of conviviality and a series of evening activities ranging from traditional tales to other arts of the fireplace ….
Outsiders do not get even the suberbas landscapes that serve as motto for many of the proposals that you drive here.

Where – Village Chao Sobral, a small village nestled between 600 and 700 meters in the Serra do Goshawk, which overlooks the Serra da Estrela and Serra do Caramulo. Dista 16 kms from the historic village of Piódão, 11 kms from Mount Colcurinho (viewpoint and place of pilgrimage to 1242 meters altitude), 3 kms of the remarkable Sanctuary of Our Lady of Prayer, and 10 kms of the Village Dec.

Chao Sobral reside in about 140 inhabitants and a very active young population in the Local Association to carry out various activities for cultural events and recreational activities, which include Walks and Bike Tours in All-Terrain – MTB.

Although most workers are leaving, and returning daily to provide services outside the village, here are several activities based on local natural resources: spirits and fro bagasse, sausages, jams, cheese, sheep and goat products vegetables, honey, handicrafts, wood and slate knives “Corte Real”, carpet tape, upholstery and wood Arraiolos.


Day 1 April

Day 2 April
Morning – Herding goats in the hills – José Mendes
Brush brush for animals – Caring for sheep and rabbits – Mario
Afternoon – Sausages Part 1 – Preparing the meat – Isabel
Corn bread – Luciana

Day 3 April
Morning – Horta in the mountains – Raimundo
Knives – Cecilia and José
Afternoon – The Forge – Augustine
Carpet tape – Jose Martins

Day April 4
Morning – Firewood with an ax – Jose Silva
Tree planting, pruning and grafting – Jose Dias
Afternoon – Sausages – Fill the sausages – Isabel
Creative Shale – Shale Crafts – Victor Curinha

Day 5 April
Morning – Creative Roots – Wooden Crafts – Nelson
Do walls / terraces with dry stone – Manuel
Afternoon – Goat cheese – Luciana
Do walls / terraces with dry stone – Manuel

April 6
Morning – Cycle Arbutus – Armando
Sheep cheese – Conception
Afternoon – Cycle Arbutus – Armando
Coscureis – Traditional Cakes – Maria Clara

Day April 7
Free day for sightseeing and the like

Costs and Conditions
220 EUR + VAT >> on a bed and full board for the whole week
>> 60 EUR + VAT per day on bed and full board
>> 50 EUR + VAT per day without accommodation but with access to training and meals. Access to each workshop requires prior registration as the maximum number of participants per activity may not exceed twelve participants, so that will be allowed a maximum of 24 participants níumero to this edition of Village Life Experience.

We thank all interested contact us via mail or farmerslifeexperience@gmail.com Numerous of the following telephone: 216 073 905 926 506 033 and

http://www.farmerslifeexperience.com >>
http://tradicional.campingcarportugal.com/locais/local17.htm >>

More about Chao Sobral

Thanks for the disclosure,
João Gonçalves


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