Permaculture in Spain

This was an offshoot from the keyhole bed we created in Market Hill Gardens. The Spanish group followed us online and with some instruction from John Hillman. They are a community garden group called Eden Gardens.


One response to “Permaculture in Spain

  1. Its good to see how the people of Stur Valley are spreading the word.

    Take another look at the opportunity to visit a model Transition Village in the Alentajo.

    Advance News: Plans have been agreed to start a Community Garden at the High School in Stur called Men in Sheds.

    The desire is to include Permaculture Cultivation within the site and demonstrate this wonderful way of treating the land.

    Its hoped that students at the school will also be involved and I am sure PC will be a big influence on their futures.

    So any permaculturist who has time to help with planning and be involved in anyway please contact this site or

    Many people in Stur were upset by the closure of the Market Garden Project and it is hoped that this project created by Help the Aged in partnership with TTSN will
    once again put PC on the Stur map.

    More news to follow with pictures of the site.

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