How people around Sturminster are saving money and energy

ENERGIZE STUR VALLEY is a ground level community group which wants to help you reduce your energy use, save money and reduce your carbon footprint for all the residents of Sturminster Newton and the surrounding villages from Child Okeford to Marhull, Hazelbury and Glanvilles Wooton who want to keep a lid on our rising energy use and the bills it generates.

FREE Insulation grants

We spoke to Tim Evans of the group who said “In these tight financial times I could not believe people had not made the simple call it takes to get a grant for their home to be insulated. One FREE call to the independent Dorset Energy Advice Centre (0800 975 0166) was all it took to understand which grants are available and what you can do to insulate your home and start saving money on heating bills.

With costs of energy forecast to more than double in the next 2 years you would have to be mad not to pick up the phone and claim the money.”

Appeal for Energy Champions

If like us you want to help your street, village, school or church community do something practical to reduce your dependence on energy then Energize Stur Valley wants to hear from you.  We hold a monthly meeting where we make sure we get things done rather than just talk about it.  Sturquest and Sturminster TTN websites magazine and  we hope local parish magazines are interested in carrying our suggestions.

Generating income after FITS from renewable energy

Sara and Andrew Cross at Goldhill Organic Farm have just installed solar PV panels on their new cafe at the Organic Farm in Child Okeford.  “We could not believe it started working even with the recent mid winter sun heavily clouded over and we expect it to generate close to £1500 per year.”  Local providers tell us that even though the government has reviewed the subsidy payments, people investing in the new year will see the costs drop by aroud a quarter so contrary to the news the returns on your money are still liklely to be better than sticking it in the bank.

For an electronic copy of the Free Advice flyers, to join us and make a difference we would love to hear from you or for some real world advice on the steps you can take please email


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