Fortuitous events favour our garden birds

Fear not because the likely answer to the lack of garden birds at tables and feeders is a happy one. Most of our common native bird species have had a good year with a bountiful hot spring, a summer without extremes and an autumn of incredible abundance. With the weather yet to show any sign of prolonged cold most birds will be at large in the wider landscape whilst hedgerow fruits and plant seeds still abound. Many garden birds use our offerings not by choice but out of necessity for close contact with human habitation has a number of risks to consider including cats, cars, regular human disturbance and often intense competition at garden feeding sites. At home we are starting to see Blue tits, Sparrows and Great tits on the nuts, but in no great numbers, whilst at work in the wild nooks of Dorset I am seeing some impressive flocks of the smaller wild birds feasting on this years Autumnal bounty while the weather permits.

I hope this puts your mind at rest. When the cold comes in and the winter hungry gap makes itself felt all of our bird table offerings will be a life line for many and reward us with the joy of watching wildlife from the window.



One response to “Fortuitous events favour our garden birds

  1. Re your comment on birds…..

    Every year we get comments such as yours and the reason is almost certainly that this year’s youngsters are now dispersing, many of them actually going abroad for the winter following the sun!! Also there is still a lot of natural food in the countryside and hedgerows and birds do not need to rely so heavily on garden feeders. They will return as the weather gets more challenging or the northerners which are winging their ways down to us at the moment from Siberia will arrive and swell the population in your garden.

    I am going to a Garden Wildlife Conference organised by BTO at the weekend and will have much more specific information then which I can pass on to you to circulate.



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