This Saturday I attended my first meeting of the DT21 organisation in Dorchester. The event was their AGM and I was able to spend time raising questions about the Organisation that I feel sure would be interesting both to Transitioner’s and many of the good people of Dorset.

By the way DT21 formed 10 years or so ago was fundamental to carrying the concerns of Climate Change into the corridors and conscious of Dorset Local Government. Indeed from what I can understand Dorset is really a leader as such and DT21 was instrumental in writing the Dorset Sustainability plan and targets.

The people I meet were generous in their reception of difficult questions about DT21’s effectiveness and energy at a time when public funding is no longer available.

My feeling is that they have a huge amount of knowledge that is made available to groups, organisations and the general public through there excellent website Sustainable Dorset.

However the key is that right now they need us, Transition Groups and the like to help them.

They need volunteers to widen their service to the community and create real project and events of high quality.

If you think that your Group or you personally would like to enlarge their presence then please contact the website, nothing need be arduous but a small amount of energy, enthusiasm and time will work wonders if we all give it a go !!

Its time that we gave something back to DT21 and help them through such difficult times,

Vince Adams


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