Electric Cars

You may have seen a new electric car in the village, I call it my magic carpet.It does 100 miles at one go for about a pound and its probably the best ride I have ever had in a car.

Soon the Electric Highway will allow me to travel wherever I want to go and have re-charging points that take coffee stop times to charge my battery.

If you would like to know more please I should be happy to help. Equally if through the Mozaic we could agree to Buddy Support for renewable energy installations I for one would always be available to help anyone who has questions or queries.

Vince 473135



One response to “Electric Cars

  1. In my role at District level, I have put in a suggestion that all new supermarkets (with car parks) could install an electric car charge point, I know there is commercial value to the supermarket, but if it benefits the consumer, the environment and our pockets then why not!

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