Apple Juicing at Gold Hill on Sunday 9th October

At 11.00 am there were kilos of apples lying on the ground of our Mozaic Orchard. By one a small group of people had harvested about half the total crop.

This afternoon I took the apples to Gold Hill Farm Organics and we now have 60/70 litters of fresh juice that will be available at Harvest Festival and other occasions.

This coming Saturday Janet is leading a team to harvest the remainder of the apples that you can all get involved with. Either in the Orchard on Saturday morning or at Gold Hill Organics on Sunday where they will be turned into wonderful golden juice.

Try and get along to one of the events and be a part of bringing in this valuable harvest.

Equally you can also take your own apples along to Gold Hill Farm and have them juiced to give you great juice throughout the Winter.

There will be lots going on, you may wish to have your tree variety identified, enter the apple cake competition or go for farm walks, drink cider etc

For further information go to details on this page


2 responses to “Apple Juicing at Gold Hill on Sunday 9th October

  1. Freshly picked apples rather than ones fallen are better!! Only Cider apples are best fallen.

  2. I went to Broad Oak on Sunday to get a taster of events and took some fallen apples which they added to their pile and I came away with litre of juice which I fancied adding to and making into cider, or vinegar! However I’ve exhausted the James Grieve tree and have Bramleys, not quite ready yet…so would like to collect more fallen apples, any ideas! Regards, Jenny Bartlett

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