Letter from Vince Adams to Defra re GM Wheat Trial in Herefordshire

To Defra and Whom it may concern

At a time when this country of ours is suffering from the effects of riots, social decay and potential double dip recession it is incredible that Defra who is owned by the people for the people has agreed to a trial of GM Wheat in Hertfordshire.

This is a scandalous waste of money and above all else puts at risk the lives of animals, insects and the local environment without one shread of evidence that it is going to have any positive effects on our lives or that we need it.

Please re-consider your position, before many more good citizens take to the campaign trail. When this happens and good people stand up to be counted the recent riots will look like but a minor scrap !!


Vince Adams


One response to “Letter from Vince Adams to Defra re GM Wheat Trial in Herefordshire

  1. Orwin O'Dowd

    Mint is a shade-loving plant that needs a lot of water, and to impose its metabolic regime on dry-field agriculture is incompetent. Then there’s the cow gene intended to jimmy the natural regulation: itself a cancerous device, this directly threatens mad cow disease, whether through consumption of stubble or contamination of pasture. Farmers really should consider suing for reckless negligence or seeking an injunction against it.

    In general genetic engineers cannot be excused from the standard practice in hybridization, which is to selectively breed through three generations for a viable integration of the new type. Indeed, the more radical the hybrid, the longer the stabilization required, but on a log scale, of course.

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