Results of the Food Survey Study by TTSN Food Group

We have now had over 200 responses to our survey started back in June and the results are as followS.

Which foods do you buy locally ?

1.  Vegetables and Fruit
2.  Dairy
3.  Meat
4.  Bakery

What is more important to our consumer’s surveyed ?

45% Local food
40% Fresh Seasonal Food
15% Wide range of food choices

Do you use Sturminster Newton for any of your shopping ?

42% said that they had used the Monday Market
82% said that they had used the Farmers Market
90% said that they had used the Country Market
71% said that they had used the Saturday Market

Clearly there is a demand for fresh locally grown produce, meat and bakery. Many of the people we surveyed said that they used the Supermarket for range,convenience at the expense of quality and freshness that they associated with local food.

The dilemma is how we match the needs of the consumer to the supply and retailing of local produce. In our next survey we shall be examining how this can be done with local produce only stores, market stalls, box schemes and co-operative buying groups.

Anyone who would like to help with this on-going process is welcome to join the TTSN Food Group.

Equally we hope that local producers will be inspired by these findings and that we can bring them together to see if we can find a route to satisfying the consumer demand and giving much needed support to the producers themselves.

By the way one thing we can do is cherish our fruit crop this year. There are 3 events to my knowledge to increase our awareness of Apples.

2nd Oct  Broad Oak Community Orchard have an event in the afternoon.
9th Oct Gold Hill Organic Farm have an apple day starting at 11.00am
16th Shillingstone Village Orchard have their own apple day celebration

Try and support at least one of the events. For more info on this and contacts to the various event organisers checkout our website.

Vince Adams


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