Carbon Action Network – Email Bulletin 19

Carbon Action Network – Email Bulletin No 19

Welcome to the 19th edition of the fortnightly email news bulletins from the Carbon Action Network.

Please follow the links to our website for full stories. 

Latest CAN magazine now available online

The latest edition of Carbon Action News, which contains a report on the recent one-day CAN Conference in Birmingham as well as the CAN annual report 2009/10 along with the usual mix of best practice articles on domestic energy efficiency, climate change and fuel poverty, is now available to download from: 

Ashden Awards call for entries – 15 July 2011

The application stage for the 2012 Ashen Awards is now open. More than ever before, this year they’re seeking recommendations from experts in the field for programmes they think could win an Ashden Award.

Fuel Poverty Statistics 2011 – 14 July 2011

DECC have published the latest Annual Report on Fuel Poverty Statistics 2011 revealing fuel poverty levels in the UK and England in 2009. read more

Updates on Solar Power and Feed-in Tariffs – 14 July 2011

14 July: House of Lords support solar
13 July: Solar industry “perplexed“ by exclusion from renewables roadmap
1 July: Ed Miliband joins fight to save solar feed-in tariffs as High Court challenge to feed-in Tariffs cuts dropped
20 June: Report: Solar industry collapse could be avoided without busting feed-in tariff budget read more

FiTs Fast Track Review outcome – 9 June 2011

The Government is to proceed with the proposed tariff reductions for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations larger than 50 kilowatts and all stand-alone installations, and increases for farm scale AD. read more

Electricity Market Reform White Paper Published – 13 July 2011

DECC have published details of the Government’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR) White Paper: Planning our electric future: a White Paper for secure, affordable and low-carbon electricity. read more

UK Renewable Energy Roadmap published – 13 July 2011

The Renewables Roadmap sets out a comprehensive action plan to accelerate the UK’s deployment and use of renewable energy, and put us on the path to achieve our 2020 target, while driving down the cost of renewable energy over time. read more

(See also 13 July: Solar industry “perplexed” by exclusion from renewables roadmap in Updates on Solar Power and Feed-in Tariffs above)

Energy Bill Delayed – 7 July 2011

The Government’s Energy Bill will not be debated in parliament before the summer break as had been planned – the delay being attributed to “congestion in the House of Commons“. It is now hoped that the Energy Bill, which contains the framework for the Green Deal, will be given an early slot after the summer recess, which will allow the original timetable to be maintained. read more

National Policy Statements: Energy plans to go before Parliament – 7 July 2011

The Government has published its finalised Energy National Policy Statements (NPSs) in order for them to be debated in Parliament. This follows an extensive public consultation earlier this year which received over two and a half thousand responses. read more

DECC publishes Microgeneration Strategy – 22 June 2011

On 22 June 2011 DECC published a Microgeneration Strategy along with the Microgeneration Industry Contact Group Action Plan. The Strategy represents an important step on the UK’s journey towards cleaner, greener energy. read more

Anaerobic digestion strategy and plans for a zero waste economy – 14 June 2011

Defra have published their Review of Waste Policies in England 2011 as well as their Anaerobic Digestion strategy and action plan to “unlock the potential to get more energy from waste to reduce emissions in the fight against climate change”. read more

For current and past news stories, visit the CAN News Page and the new CAN online discussion forum.

Selected CAN Web Forum topics:

Warm Front introduce prepayment rule:

“On the 10th June Carrillion issued this notice; Please note that with immediate effect all Warm Front installations that incur a customer contribution must be paid in full before any work commences and this includes any customer contribution being funded by a loan/grant from a local authority…” read more

Green Deal Concerns:

“I have had a couple of concerns raised recently re-the green deal and the fact that the big boys may not be very good for local authorities and stop us getting involved. The question was asked “Do we (CAN) have a standpoint on this to which my answer at the moment is no. Perhaps we should in which case it would be good if people could feed back on here and we develop something…” read more

PV schemes:

“We’re looking to install around 75 PV systems this summer under the FIT agreement, and wonder if there are any members doing something similar that would like to share experiences, as there are many lessons to learn along the way!…” read more:

Climate change / Sustainable energy strategies

“I’ve been asked by a few authorities and contacts for best practice examples of local authority climate change / sustainable energy strategies. Can anyone make any recommendations?…” read more

The main page of the CAN web forum is at:

Forthcoming Events:

18-22 July 2011: UK Biogas Course 2011/2 – Cambridgeshire

19 July 2011: Low Carbon Housing Refurbishment – Facing the challenge of the existing housing stock – London

20 July 2011: How to cut your energy bills – the case for enterprise energy management – Webinar

21 July 2011: The Building Regulations, Part L2 (2010): Non-Domestic Buildings – London

21 July 2011: Generating income from Feed-in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive – Watford

16 Aug 2011: Green Monday – London

16 Aug 2011: Generating income from Feed-in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive  – Watford

31 Aug – 2 Sep: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2011 – Unpacking energy and resilience – London

5 Sep 2011: Green Monday – London

6 Sep 2011: Renewables Roadshow – Bolton

7 Sep 2011: Greening the data centre – The energy saving potential of EC fans and motors – Chelmsford

8 Sep 2011: Renewables Roadshow – Coventry

12-18 Sep 2011: Gas Safety Week

13 Sep 2011: Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor Training – London

13 Sep 2011: Renewables Roadshow – Cheltenham

14 Sep 2011: The Energy Event – Birmingham

14-16 Sep 2011: NEA Annual Conference 2011 – Harrogate

15 Sep 2011: Renewables Roadshow – London

18-24 Sep 2011: TV Turnoff week

19 Sep 2011: Green Monday – North West

20 Sep 2011: Renewables Roadshow – Harrogate

20-21 Sep 2011: Energy and People: Futures, Complexity and Challenges – Oxford

21 Sep 2011: Climate Change Field Workshop – Oxford

22 Sep 2011: Renewables Roadshow – Glasgow

22 Sep 2011: World Car Free Day

22 Sep 2011: Generating income from Feed-in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive – Watford

28 Sep 2011: Sustainability in Crisis – Cambridge

For more events visit

Carbon Action Network National Secretariat
0116 299 5258

2-4 Market Place South


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