To everyone connected with TTSN: URGENT ACTION

The following request has come from Poole Transition Town and it effects us all in our drive to create more renewable energy projects.

Andy is leading the project and I hope that you will all find the time this weekend to support him by visiting the website and using the Support the Project button.

“With my Transition Towns hat on, is there any chance you could forward this email to your extensive list of contacts? This is a community effort to attract funding from BP for a study into the possibility of using tidal power in Poole Harbour as a way of generating green energy. The more people who sign up as supporters of the bid, the more likely it will succeed – currently we are in the top 20, so have a good chance but there are only 7 days left to go. There is £500,000 available to bid for, just need to click the Support this Group button, to attract it to our area of the country.
thanks for your help, read on…..
We want to get a study exploring the potential for generating energy from the tides in Poole Harbour. Relevant bodies are supportive, but we need individuals to go onto the Energy Share website and sign up using the ‘Support this Project’ button. The deadline is short, 30th June.
This is a community partnership, we are very mindful of balancing the needs of navigation, wildlife and tourism, but also the increasing costs (financial, geopolitical and human) of reliance on oil and gas from elsewhere.
More details and the opportunity to discuss or actively get involved also via the
http://transitionpoole.org.uk website.
The intial bid is to get a university study to establish potential sites, devices and problems. Any structures would be subject to detailed planning and consultation. I am keen to ensure that this is pursued in a way that directly benefits the local community interest.
If you are not impressed with the idea, I’d like to know why so we can respond and improve.
If you are impressed, please ask all your friends to support too. They don’t have to live around here.
(If you try and get technical difficulties please let me know. There should be a “Support this group” button below the supporters so far images.)”

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