Weeding Party

I woke up this morning without an ache or pain from last nights exertions at the first of this years weeding parties at Gold Hill Organic Farm.
What a difference from last year when I could hardly move for days after weeding carrots oh how I love them now.
What was fun was meeting new people.Sam from Shillingstone and Mark both of whom I hope will become enthusiastic Transitioners.
I did get a little bit of indigestion though from eating to many of Jane’s chips and garlic breaded mushroom’s.Thankyou Jane and I hope you enjoyed the beer.
Then this morning I unloaded my veggie bag. It was full of the freshest Spring onions, spinach, carrots, potatoes, garlic and lettuce, what a wonderful weekend of feasting now ahead of me.
Weeding parties start at 5.00pm on every Thrursday, meet at the farm shop Gold Hill Organics and finish at 6.30 unless of course you fancy a chip.
By the way they were probably the best fish and chip van chips I have ever eaten.
That’s saying quite a lot after eating freshly fried Pomme Frittes on many French beaches.


One response to “Weeding Party

  1. Vince I think you’ve done extremely well, considering the speed at which you were whizzing up and down between those rows of onions.
    It was my first ‘hands-on’ experience at Gold Hill Organic Farm and before I knew it, it was over! Time flew, as we met knew people, had interesting conversations and laughed whilst clearing the unwanted green stuff.
    Like you, I’m up to my neck in veg now – I couldn’t believe how much Andrew gave out. Great fun and I can’t wait till next time.
    Some photos are on Facebook; http://www.facebook.com/groups/edit.php?officers&gid=71340696310#!/pages/Transition-Town-Sturminster-Newton/117871924960884?sk=wall
    Mark Turner

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