Low Energy Light Bulb Collection and Recycling

Did you know that Low Energy Light Bulbs contain mercury and, en masse, are very harmful on the environment? I would imagine you do, but only 18% of the UK are aware of that fact, and even if they do, don’t know what can be done about it.

As founder of a Transition group in my area, in 2007 I lobbied my council to allow me to collect batteries on behalf of my village. Not taking no for an answer, I managed to get permission from the Environment Agency. Once word of what I’d done spread, I helped more and more people do it in their locale, too – many transition groups – and within 2 years the scheme helped collect 35 tonnes of batteries using just 58 volunteers.

After the CoBRA Scheme (Community Battery Recycling Alliance) grew to other areas of the UK, I managed to secure sponsorship for a Low Energy Light Bulb (CFL) collection scheme which is now available to volunteers nationwide (Community Bulb Recycling Alliance).

The scheme allows volunteers to collect CFLs on behalf of their communities using specially designed boxes which, once full, can be taken by the volunteer to a nearby ‘Bulking Up’ centre where the bags will be taken for safe recycling. Normally this would take less than 1/2 hours work every 6-8 weeks but has a huge impact on getting into otherwise hard to reach areas environmentally inefficiently.

I am writing to you to ask if this is something you would like to support in your area. It will be a great promotion for you transition group locally, make people aware they should recycle CFLs, and effectively help get the 7000 tonnes of CFLs that are expected to hit landfill this year off to safe recycling instead… and all for free!

For more information about CoBRA or to sign up, please visit my website, below, or contact me and I’ll do my best to help your area become Bulb friendly. I hope to have news to do the same with batteries nationwide soon, too, so do join my twitter of Facebook page to be kept up to date. We also have a great ‘how to’ video a friendly filmmaker did for free for us on the website, so please check that out to see how the scheme works.

I look forward to hearing from you if I can be of more help, and in the mean time, thank you for caring.

Kind regards,

Mark David Hatwood FRSA – Creator of CoBRA

CoBRA Scheme
0845 4080337
0752 7777416
Twitter: @CobraScheme
Facebook: CoBRA Scheme


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