Potential funding & training opportunities for Transition people in Dorset

My name is Nick Osborne and I am involved in Transition Glastonbury and am also a Transition trainer. I have found your contact details through the Transition Network web site list of initiatives and am sending it to all 11 of the initiatives in Dorset that I have found on the web site.

I am writing because I am working on a sustainable education project for Dorset Adult Learning on behalf of the Learning & Skills Improvement Service. It is about providing training opportunities for people involved in sustainability work in Dorset. This could be a great opportunity to get some funded training for what you and/or your Transition initiative is already doing or wanting to do!

This program has two types of opportunity:

1 – There are a few opportunities for people to become ‘Community Sustainability Champions’ in Dorset. These opportunities will provide people with induction, training & support to become more effective in their sustainability work. Probably many Transition initiatives have many informal Community Sustainability Champions and it would be good to get some of them recognised as such and supported.

2 – There may be opportunities for general training events in Dorset for people doing sustainability work. This could be for any reskilling, presentation skills for doing Transition Talks, how to run effective groups etc.

Please do forward this onto your Transition contacts in Dorset and do contact me if you think this may be of use to you or your group.

Unfortunately I have only recently found of the need to ask this of Transition initiatives, and it needs to happen quickly; things need to be organised by the end of March, so please do get back to me as soon as you can. So apologies for short notice.

Best Wishes,

Nick Osborne, Trainer & Consultant

It is easy to fool ourselves that if we simply work harder doing what we have always done, then we will overcome the credit crisis, the end of cheap oil and climate change. The truth however, is that this simply does not work. Tough times call for different approaches- learn to respond to change differently with a creative Response-Ability.


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