First Signs of Spring

With the first signs of Spring TTSN is getting into action with idea’s and events and don’t we all need it something to inspire us.

The news from Libya has been another wake up call for us all to consider how we can reduce our dependence on oil and use less energy.

TTSN can help you by linking you with people who really care about the local environment, renewable energy, local food, better use of transport and the personal wellbeing to keep us up to the task.

Stur is lucky to have so many groups working for the benefit of the local community. We in Transition believe that TTSN needs to work alongside everyone in Stur to help bring about some of the changes that need to happen. We should be more than happy to come along to any group and talk about Transition and what it stands for and in so doing forge links and opportunities to work together. Please help us to get this message out there.

Throughout the Spring the Permaculture Group are planning various workdays and a seed swap opportunity for everyone to come along and be a part of.

The Food Group are getting together for the first time to discuss a plan for creating more local sustainable food growing. How can we make local food more available to the local shopper. If you have idea’s and would like to contribute to the plan please come along and join us at Gold Hill Farm on 26th March at 4.00pm.

I should like to share with you a short poem written by Tagore nicknamed the Peoples Poet in India where he came from. I hope it gives you the inspiration to make journey for change.

Walk alone, walk alone
Even if nobody follows you
Walk alone
Even if nobody listens to you
Walk alone
Don’t give up, walk alone

Keep flowing, Walk alone

Please use our website, it’s there for you to let of steam, tell us what you want, come up with idea’s and ask for support. It has a new layout which we hope will be easier for you to use.

Let your friends know about the website and sign up to the mailings at

Have a great Spring !!
Best Wishes, Vince


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