Perception of Art through the Five Elements

Thank you Lori for a truly fascinating and stimulating evening.

Lori says “we see and perceive through our organs, emotions and senses according to the seasons”

Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, Winter

Creative Vision, Inspiration, Clarity Focus, Receptivity and Integrity, Wisdom and Essence

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

All are interconnected and we all have something of everything in us BUT only one guardian element.

Did we manage to work out what our guardian element was? ….. maybe.

Now for the Arty bit! I selected 5 paintings for our group to look at and with Lori’s help everyone was given the unique opportunity to see/feel/appreciate/understand them using their organs and the five elements in turn. Sounds complicated but with total concentration in a quiet room I think most of us gained an insight into a new way of looking at art.

To reflect the seasons I chose:

A large blue sky pastel of Badbury Rings (spring)

Alners Gorse in golden light (summer)

Poppies on Fontmell Down (late summer)

Dorset Heath (autumn)

After the Rain, Arne (winter)

I would like to quote from one of the ladies who came to the talk – she has emailed me today:

“I am still not quite certain which is my guardian element, but the whole subject, though at first appearing to be a minefield of complications is possibly in the long run a logical perception of discovering who we are, and hopefully being comfortable with what we are”

I think that sums it all up beautifully.


Lin Adams

Respect Organics Studio Gallery




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