Transition and me – a post by Lin Adams

A reflection of happy moments spent with the TTSN group this year


After a meeting in the Sturquest office events began to take shape.

Sowing seeds on the “Bomb Site” (The Market Garden) was the start and a lovely evening with Rupert and Sarah at Orchard Farmhouse followed when Luzia took us for a walk round the fields finding herbal remedies. The beautiful views of Bulbarrow and lots of tea and biscuits made it perfect.

Then Vince and I held an “All about Bees” evening at our house in Hinton St Mary where numerous beehives and honey cake and a sunny evening inspired everyone (I hope).

Later in the summer, I met Luzia and Lori at Turnworth/Ringmore for a herb walk in the woods and the atmospheric spirit of the place was amazing. On my return the mist lifted and I stopped the car to gaze at the sun glowing on Hambledon Hill and all around the Blackmore Vale.

It doesn’t end there… we had a fascinating evening with Wren at Alners Gorse all about Butterflies – especially the rare Brown Hairstreak and Marsh Fritillary. We sat on logs and enjoyed bread and cheese kindly brought by Luzia and cake from Sarah!

Early this month (October) we visited Long Crichel Bakery and Luzia’s herb garden.

Delicious soup and bread to die for from the bakery was eaten in the poly tunnel while we waited for the sun to shine. It did!

Vince and I managed to join in the apple pressing and cider tasting at the community orchard in Broad Oak – I have never tasted fresh apple juice hot off the press before – and last year’s Donkey Lane cider helped to create a very friendly and convivial event. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Every occasion has been connected to the “Good Life” and the sun has shone on us so I am hopeful that the garden project in Sturminster Newton will take off and create a beautiful area for the community to sit in, reflect and enjoy.


Lin Adams





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