Sturminster’s own New Natural Woodland Project

8,000 people including the great and the good during 2010 have helped to plant 90,000 trees in Hertfordshire this year creating Heartwood the biggest natural woodland ever planted from scratch in this Country.

The project sited only 30 minutes from Central London is truly amazing and will eventually cover 130 acres.

We in Sturminster have the opportunity to support a rather smaller Woodland planting but for the area just as important in its way for our locality.

TTSN members Rupert Emmerson and Sarah Cousins have created the Organic Farmhouse in Wonston and part of their 7 acre site will be used for the planting of a local native Woodland.

Members of TTSN have already given seedlings for the project and advice from our Permaculture Group, but there is much more to do.

I was moved by the story of a lady in Sturminster who had a silver birch growing in her small garden that she needed to get moved. The Tree Group got involved and asked TTSN if they do anything. The answer was an immediate yes and it’s planned to help dig up and transport to Wonston for planting in the coming weeks.

This made me think of an appeal. Anyone with saplings, seedlings, small tree’s that are native to the area and surplus to requirements can find a new home and be part of the new Wonston Woodland.

Because this is an organic conversion the trees or seedlings need to be bare rooted. So its best that they are dug up and the roots wrapped in old newspaper.Then into a plastic sack and got to Wonston as quickly as possible as the roots must not be allowed to dry out. The seedlings or tree’s can then be healed in to a patch of prepared ground until final planting out in late Autumn.

Maybe you would like to be involved in the final planting, this would be welcomed.

For lots of information take a look at the woodland and wildlife pages of

Please support this great project and please either call Rupert or Sarah on 01258 817201

or email stur.transitiontown1@gmail and please let us know what you have available


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