The start of a new era for the heart of Sturminster Newton

There was excitement in the air today as members of the permaculture group met on the land below the exchange to begin the process of designing the transition gardens that will be developed here over the coming years. Having secured permission to care for the site we can now, as a community, set about turning the source of a thousand moans into an inspirational green space at the heart of our community. Keep your eyes peeled for the activities of the permaculture group over the coming months as a plan is developed and contact us at to get onboard.

Here is a few pictures of our blank canvas.


Early measurements

Forbear of the future



Sweet pea

TTSN members

White Melilot


4 responses to “The start of a new era for the heart of Sturminster Newton

  1. Thank goodness someone is doing something about the ‘eyesore’ at last! We live in Montebourg House and overlook the site.

    • Gail thanks for your support. We are keen to get local people interested the the project and begin to care for the site in time as their own. Could you and local friends spread the word and please come along and say hallo, even for a chat to the permaculture team, they will be so happy to know that people like you are appreciating their efforts, best wishes, vince

  2. I’m very interested in permaculture, great group you are! 🙂

    • Mauro thanks for your comments. Have you been able to visit the site ? What about coming along for one of our working mornings and helping us with herbs ?
      We are all keen to know more about this specialist area and we have a strong wellbeing group who use herbs a lot in there work.
      Watch our site for work morning information, best wishes, vince

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