Do you have tree or hedge seedlings you would like to plant in the native woodland at Orchard Farmhouse? People tell us they dig up and throw away seedlings around this time of year so it could be a way of recycling them. The very best way to go about it would be to actually leave them where they are until the day before planting, dig them up and put them into a sack bare rooted to stop them drying out and then plant them the next day in our field. Bare rooted is better so as not to spread contamination, especially since we are in organic conversion.

The planting is planned to be in November. We will be buying in whips (very small trees) to plant then as well. We are aiming for a mix of oak, ash, hornbeam, willow, elder, field maple, hazel, rowan as well as hedge species like blackthorn and gelder rose. In the forest garden element we are open to anything that could be useful – this area need not be native species.  We want there to be a variety of plants available for future generations.

Please do get in touch if you have seedlings that you don’t want but could leave where they are until November.


Orchard Farmhouse, Wonston, Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset, DT10 2EE


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