Transition Town – the difference you can make

As we sit and watch the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill we have a graphic illustration of what is likely to happen more and more to our world in its thirst for oil. The devastation to the Gulf and the surrounding eco structure has been caused by the need for oil companies to go further and into more difficult environments in their search for oil. One can only sit and hope we don’t see these scenes replicated in the pristine Arctic now that drilling has commenced there.

The Transition Town Movement believes that as oil production has now peaked, the steady decline in the availability of this cheap fossil fuel will lead to unrest, environmental damage, famine and hugely increased energy costs.

The Transition Town model is about facing the future rather than avoiding it – managing the transition rather than being faced with difficult scenarios when it’s too late. Transition Town Sturminster Newton considers how we can help Stur to cope with the new challenges that will face our next generation. In a sense we just want to face up to reality and our responsibilities.

How then do we do it? How can we persuade Sturminster folk to reduce energy consumption, even by small amounts, and invest in renewable systems like solar, heat exchange and wind turbines?  How can we influence and support these new technologies so that the products get better and more effective? Think about television: it started with 5 inch screens and huge cabinets and now we have huge flat screens with amazing pictures. It was you the consumer who drove the market and you can do it with renewables too.

Transition Towns think about how we can produce and purchase more of our food locally. If we do, then think of the saving of energy in not driving to supermarkets, all the extra time we can spend with family, friends and on our allotments or in our gardens. It’s healthy living, it’s getting fit and for us in Stur it’s really so very simple to achieve. We have so many solutions on our doorstep.

The social transformation of these two small changes could mean that we spend more time locally. We begin to have more time for the Community and work together to drive forward the changes we want.

Transitioners want to embrace everyone in the Community and give them the support and space to expand their own ideas and create new horizons. So come on, get out of your armchair, turn off the telly and checkout

We would welcome your input at our next meeting or email for more information or with your ideas and questions

Vince Adams


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