Down on Gold Hill Organic Farm

Guest post from Kate Adams, daughter of Lin and Vince:

Gold Hill Organic Farm Walk

Last weekend we went on a farm walk at the local organic farm, Gold Hill Organics. It’s only a couple of small fields in size but they make up for it in the variety and quality of their veg – what an inspiration for thinking of delicious recipes and ways to cook with them. Vince has been going along to the voluntary weeding group on Thursday evenings – week for an hour in return for a bag of delicious veggies. I can happily report that right now all the following vegetables are in season and growing away:

  • Chard – stunning coloured stems and like all green leafy veg packed with antioxidants and vitamin C
  • Purple sprouting broccoli – also very attractive, this is a cruciferous vegetable, which are thought to help in the prevention of cancer, and also contains plenty of fibre and vitamins
  • Courgettes – delicious marinated in lemon juice and a little extra virgin olive oil and then griddled
  • Tomatoes – I’m a fusspot with tomatoes but now they are in season I’m addicted, especially with a load of basil torn over
  • Cucumber (organic cucumber – nothing like my usual from Sainsburys) – the original weight loss vegetable because they are great for helping to get rid of water retention and bloating
  • Lettuce – which calms and helps you sleep
  • Beetroot – the ‘vitality plant’ and the Flat Tummy Club July ingredient of the month!
  • Onions – great for your immune system, your heart, your digestion (unless you are intolerant of course) and apparently may even help with hayfever

Hambledon Hill makes a glorious backdrop

Sarah explains the art of weeding carrots

Hold on...


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