Invitation to write to Norman Baker on UK biofuels policy

From Kenneth Richter

Biofuels Campaigner

Friends of the Earth, 26-28 Underwood Street, London N1 7JQ, Tel + 44 20 7566 1671

Intelligence from the Department for Transport is that ‘biofuel policy’ is still being ‘discussed’ in light of the new Government, including raising the blending target to match the EU 10% target. They say that they “can’t tell us anything until those discussions have taken place”. Should be done by the summer recess. The Ministerial day-to-day running of biofuels will be covered by Norman Baker. What that means is that apparently the coalition’s biofuels policy is not set in stone yet and that there is an opportunity to influence it now. Please note: Transport minister Norman Baker will give his – and the new coalition government’s – first major speech on environmental and low carbon transport at the LowCVP Conference at Twickenham Stadium on Wednesday 14 July. See It would be great if you could pass on this information to everyone you know who is concerned about biofuels policy in the UK and ask them to write to Norman Baker as soon as possible! Ideally before the conference next Wednesday.


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