Trees and Transition

A guest post from —
Robin Walter
Chartered Forester

At the recent Transition Town Conference in Devon, we held a Woodland Walk to consider the role of trees and woods in Transition to a low carbon future. It proved a popular event with many people contributing their
experience and insight. We decided to follow this up by forming some sort of ‘Trees for Transition Forum’ and network. This would be hosted on the Transition Network website and set up by Ed Mitchell, see

The purpose of this Forum could be to:

– share information
– share publications
– publicise training events
– promote projects of good practice
– discuss methods
– answer queries
– set up community fruit & nut orchard projects
– any other topics you can think of relating to trees and woods…

In the meantime, for those who have not already seen it, I attach a slim version of the best report on the subject of trees and climate change: ‘Combating Climate Change – A Role for UK Forests’, also known as the Read Report. For the full version see for details. It is a fantastic collection of scientific data on trees, carbon and climate change in readable form.

I see trees as contributing a huge amount to Transition in the form of materials, fuel, biodiversity, watershed protection, flood mitigation, shelter from severe sun, rain and wind, urban shade and cooling, health
benefits, fruits and nuts, forest gardens and agro-forestry, Forest Schools, beautiful places for recreation and amenity. It is also essential that trees are integrated in the wider landscape with farming systems, wildlife and

I look forward to pursuing Trees for Transition with you all.


Robin Walter


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