Guerrilla Gardening in Sturminster Newton!

The saga of Sturminster Newton’s most notorious waste land took an interesting turn this week when 14 guerrilla gardeners began to wage war.

The first step was to thoroughly litter pick the site. 15 sacks of rubbish of all kinds were gathered across the site; immediately improving both the aesthetics of this town centre site and the quality of the habitat for the wildlife that already calls this place home.

After collecting up the litter the areas of ground with the least vegetation cover were roughed up and given a dose of well rotted muck.

In many areas nature is well underway with the rejuvenation with more than 40 species of plant having been recorded by the guerrillas.

Many people donated seeds which were sown in the prepared areas. Many of the seeds will bring colour some will bring added fertility.

Some of the building waste became garden features.

After a couple of hours on the front lines the battle had been won. The war is far from over. The guerrillas are looking out for the unloved corners and misused patches. They could strike at any time



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