We are all invited to Rupert and Sara’s lovely Orchard Farmhouse in Wonston for a BBQ Brunch Lunch Party on Sunday 11th  July at 2.00pm.

Orchard Farmhouse Gardens

The idea is to have a veg barbie and a meat barbie running side by side. Cost for either will be £5’s per head and include locally produced sauasages, organic vegetables and of course loads of organic cake desserts.

Bring your own wine and  soft drinks. tea and coffee will be available.

Anyone who can play a tune and would like to bring their instrument please the more the merrier. Do we know any local muscians that might like to come and join us.

We need to gauge the numbers so would you let me know by subscribing to the blog/website and indicating if you can come and numbers etc.

Please add any other comments about this or any other subject. I would like this to become our very own live link.

For those wanting to take an active part in Rupert’s veg patch there is lots to do and it might be worth an extra piece of cake even.



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